Let’s face it, we have all been victim of that inner thigh chafing monster who refuses to go away for a few days even after we try every trick in the book. It’s painful, itchy, irritating and will ruin everything. Sweating and thighs rubbing against each other are two of the main causes as to why this would happen. It comes on without warning and can make it look like you are waddling a bit when you try to walk simply because of the pain and sensitivity is causes. So here are some great tips that you will find really helpful in preventing inner thigh chafing.

Use an Anti-Chafing Product That Suits Your Sweat Level

There are many anti-chafing products on the market today and all you have to do is select the one that will be compatible with the amount you sweat. Anti chafing shorts, for example, is a great way to stop getting sensitive inner thighs after a highly strenuous and sweaty workout. You can also use deodorant primarily because the product is used to keep you away from too much sweating but of course it would work best if you used it under your armpits. Besides when you are working out this may not be able to prevent you from sweating entirely, seeing as you are meant to sweat when you exercise too.

Home Remedies and Emergency Paste

You may think that this sounds super gross but it really is not. Mix up one and a half parts of coconut oil with one part corn starch and mix it well until it forms a smooth paste. This one is not too greasy and will give you just enough glide if you have forgotten to wear your anti-chafing product and now feel a bit of red sensitivity coming on. It is also great to have as a low budget option for those months when bills are sky high and of course a little bottle of it in your purse would come in handy. However, do keep in mind that this will not be the right way to go if you are going to be working out wearing this paste. That will just end up messy. It is only alright for low sweat days ad activities.

Choose Clothing That Puts Fabric between Your Thighs

It is common to choose clothing that suits us very well when it comes to fashion and not necessarily when it comes to functionality. For example, we would always look for shorter shorts rather than pick up the longer ones as they are the current fashion trend. However, it is the longer version that will help to prevent chafing by means of having that layer of fabric between your inner thighs, essentially stopping them from rubbing together. While you cannot always go for functionality only and ignore your sense of style, try to pick clothing items that will give you looks and comfort, especially if you experience cut thighs commonly. Always maintain great personal hygiene too and make sure to take a shower if you have been sweating a lot.

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