It is a well-known fact that some countries are economically strong than others. This is very apparent in Asia and there are many professionals who migrate to another country to work or live, sometimes with their families. Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore are such sought out countries and especially many East and South Asian countries’ people are seen to be taking jobs and settling up for long periods of times in there.


Antonio arrives in Kimpangu, DRC where his documents will be checked by Angolan authorities before crossing the nearby border into Angola 20 August, 2014.
“It is better to be a citizen in my country than being a refugee in another country. It is a liberation. I never felt that I belonged in Congo. My origins are in Angola, my ancestors were born there. It is better to go back,” he says.
Nearly 500 former refugees departed Kinshasa to return to return to Angola on 19 August, 2014. The journey, made on train and bus, took approximately 36 hours to reach the Angolan border. UNHCR is coordinating the return of nearly 30,000 former refugees to Angola.
UNHCR / B. Sokol / August 2014

Avoid “negative-welcome” countries  


When you are looking for a country to migrate to there are many factors to look for. You are moving in to another country because it has superior facilities than yours, better job opportunities with healthier pay and perhaps an enhanced future for your kids. However one thing you have to consider is the reception for migrants in that country; some despise certain groups of people and they find it difficult to live there because of natives’ vindictiveness. It is important to target a country which is without any difficulties as such. After all we are all human and man is a social animal. Living solely is not one of our strong suites.


How to go about the process


First you have to meet a legally recognized representative of that country. There are many migrant specialists and after seeking friends’ and colleagues’ recommendations you can choose one. Then you can submit all your educational and professional qualifications and work experience proof to them to evaluate how eligible you are to migrate to a developed country. Seeking a job opportunity also is another option and that you can either do through an employment agency or via the web by yourself. However it is important to assess the total cost of such a move and accordingly have the required money saved.


How to settle down


If you are there for just a job, then no need of longer term plans of buying houses etc. However when you are there for employment living on a minimum cost is important as saving the maximum amount is your objective. You would need to make friends who can show how to spend the minimum possible in accommodation, food, clothing and much more. If you know someone who has been living for example, in Singapore, for a long time they can tell you all about the cost cutting methods- from using a cheaper laundry service to bed bug removal Singapore. Keep the tips in mind and do not waste your money in entertainment unnecessarily. On the other hand if you have migrated, settling down would be the foremost task. Seek local expertise on buying a land and building a house or purchasing a completed house.

How successful you are, will decide how well off your kids and their kids will be. In that sense more than several generations’ fate is in your hands. So it is your responsibility to make it a good one.

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