Finally, you’re going to have your big day within the next few months. You are living in exciting times! All the preparations should be in order – as well as your wedding gown.

If you’re still a bit dazed with all the preparations, it could be that you’re still haven’t made any moves to look for a gown. Your future mother-in-law could’ve provided the wake-up call when she asked about it. Here are some of the key tips for finding the perfect wedding gown for this wonderful celebration of love.

Couture Dresses Are Made To Fit Your Body Shape

While there are cheaper options in the market, you may find it hard to get the best fit and might settle for anything less. A couture gown is specifically made with your preference and fitting the right curves in your body. Once you give designers the look or idea on what you’d want for your gown, they will tailor-fit it to your body, unlike ready-to-made gowns that may have a few details that you’re not very fond of having. Rest assured that once the designers get your measurements (or you’ll need the adjustments later), you won’t have a hard time to get the right fitting.

Your Dress Remains Exclusive

You won’t see the same design from somebody else’s wedding. You are assured that couture dresses remain exclusive to you. Couture weddings are made of quality materials and some have hand-sewn designs that cannot be replicated in other dresses.

Finding The Best Designer In Town

If you’re living in Australia and looking for the best couture wedding dress in Melbourne, you can look for reviews online about a particular designer and see what other brides are talking about. Once you’ve had your pick, it’s best to bring a compilation of inspired designs you got online or from magazines so your designer will have an idea on the kind of look you’re after.

Keep an open mind when you get into talks with your designer. You probably have a set of pre-determined ideas of what your gown should look like and end up being disappointed once you’re in for a fitting. Your designers already have the expertise and skills to know which kind of dresses that might be better than your original piece. You may thank them for the insights later on!

It is common that soon-to-be brides are horrified during the bridal sizing. It is often expected that your dress needs to be measured one or two sizes from your original one. While this may be disturbing, rest assured that your designer knows what is best to keep your comfort of utmost importance.

Most brides may often consider losing weight before their big wedding day, thus prefer to have their sizing diminished during fitting. This may not be the most practical (and comfortable) approach to bridal sizing. You could be true to yourself and own up to your size. Furthermore, it’s easier to size down after the fitting than to size up.

Consider doing your shopping early. You may find that the longer you tally, the more panicked you become the longer you prolong it. So make sure to do it four or eight months prior to your wedding day to give enough time for changes and accessorizing.

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