Anyone would agree when one says that without their mom, they wouldn’t even know where they last left their pair of socks! If you lose something or can’t find something or simply because you are too lazy to get something (okay, that might be exaggerating!), the first person you would go to is, your mom. And the only conversation starter with your dad would be “where’s mom!” (Trust me, you don’t even realize you’re doing it). So to show your undying love and care to your mom for putting up with all your nonsense, here are some inexpensive gift ideas you could choose from, to gift this mothers’ day.

A phone case

Even though this isn’t the typical kind of gift you would give your mom, but you would to a friend, change things this year and try gifting her a phone cover instead of the usual flowers. Not only is it inexpensive, but it would certainly make her get rid of that ratty old phone case she’s been using for months! Get one with amazing prints and a fancy pop up finger back holder on it, to make sure she is also in-style and up to date with the trend. This way even if you are a really bad cook who can’t bake cookies even with the best baking products singapore to save lives, you have the ideal gift to make up for it.

An electric kettle

Who doesn’t love a pot of tea to feel British or a cup of freshly brewed coffee to feel American? That’s right, NO ONE! With the busy life style we live in today, even though we want to feel like the posh British sipping on a cup of tea, waiting for the kettle to take its time to boil water long and hard, isn’t something many busy moms can wait for. So make your mom’s life easy and gift her an electric kettle that would boil water fast, within two minutes or less! She is certainly going to be ever so thankful to you and might even allow you to skip out on that strict curfew or excuse you for destroying your neighbors ears while blasting out music for that party you were specifically told NOT TO host (Make sure you get a good one though, or you just might get extra grounded)!

A cookbook

If your mom is someone who enjoys cooking, a lot, then a cookbook that has been reviewed as one of the best, is definitely the gift to gift. Check out Amazon or any other online book store, to read reviews and purchase the ideal book.

You could also gift simple things like a transparent umbrella, a game, her favorite movie or a book or anything else you think is ideal. But remember that the main purpose is to let your mom know how you care, so pick something that has meaning behind, not something that is expensive and limited.


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