If you feel that you are ready to take your relationship to the next level then keep reading!

Know the Person Inside Out

Before you decide on getting engaged or married to that person make sure that you know them thoroughly. This is because engagement is a huge step where two families meet and bond. So you wouldn’t want to spoil that bond due to your relationship, so make sure you know the person well enough. It is advisable to know your partner at least for a year before you decide on getting official. During this period make sure you ask the person whether he/she is interested in taking things forward with you that is planning a future with you. If you feel that they too are serious about the relationship then you could plan on how you would get down on your knees and pop the question to them.

Make It Memorable

In order to make this whole moment precious and memorable, you should plan a surprise for them. This can be a little difficult especially if you are already in a live-in relationship and your partner is always with you. However, you could still try your best that is change your password so they cannot access your phone without your permission. You could arrange a romantic candlelight dinner at a fancy restaurant or at your own place. However, the latter will require a lot more effort as you will have to make sure that your partner isn’t around so you could peacefully set up the space. A proposal is incomplete without a ring. Usually people go for the most precious and expensive rings for this moment but you could choose whatever fits your budget, you just have to make sure that it is according to the preference of your partner. For example, go for silver ones if she doesn’t like gold. If you are looking for a place that will offer you different designs, then checkout affordable antique design engagement rings in Melbourne. They are not just beautiful but also go easy on your pocket.

Capture the Moment

The proposal day is indeed a big day in both of your lives. It is this day where you both decide on taking the relationship to the next level that makes it official between both the families. Whether you plan a surprise for your partner or drop hints about the proposal make sure that you capture this moment. You could hire a professional photographer or ask your friends to hide and take a picture when you pop the question. Once this is done you could ask your friends to join you with a cake. However, make sure you do things according to your partner’s preference; for example, if he/she prefers privacy then just keep it between you two!

Lastly, you wouldn’t want to look bad in your pictures so on this day make sure that you take some effort to dress up and look good. If this is a surprise for your partner then make sure that you arrange an outfit for them so he/she could change after the surprise is over!

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