Making a house look luscious, vibrant and rich is a homeowner’s dream. You might think it must take a lot of money to get to this point but it actually boils down to a few well-made choices and investments that can just transform the room. Let’s focus on the living room, which apart from the kitchen, is one of the most important and exposed rooms of the house (especially when guests come over). Here are a few steps you can make use of to give it that designer feel:


Layered lighting is a great way to add more richness to your room but you don’t have to empty your pockets on different types of light fixtures. Strategically place a few pendant lights in the room to replace the more traditional table lamps. This is a great way to incorporate more elegance into the room. Also make sure to add in some candles and a dimmer switch, which can be used to control the brightness and make the room far cosier and warm to stay in.


What takes up the bulk of your living room space? That’s right, furniture. This is one of the biggest investments you’re going to have to make but it definitely pays off in the end. Shoddy choices won’t do here. Look up luxury design furniture for more inspiration on what would go with the theme and color palette of your room.


Using layered fabrics is a great way to make your room far more dressy. Just imagine this- an over-sized throw just draped across a sofa or textured cushions angled against a solid-colored furniture set. You don’t have to spend too much money on this step because you can just visit a fabric store, pick out your fabrics and get the covers for your existing cushions! Even a large rug would do the trick!


Curtains can have an instantaneous wow factor if you invest in the right fabrics. The one thing you should avoid doing, however, is to get draperies that are too short. This creates the opposite effect- it looks cheap and terribly planned. Get billowing draperies that fall to the floor- they’ll definitely create a dreamy, luxe effect so remember to measure your windows before you go shopping!


Nothing screams fancy like large-scale art. If you’re saving up on other expenses, you can always head to second-hand shops or estate sales to get a painting on a slight budget. If you’re a creative person yourself, now’s the time to show off one of your pieces! Art tends to be a real conversation starter as well so be prepared to know something about whichever piece you choose to hang in your home.


Subtle metallic accents (in the form of ornaments, a clock or a pedestal table) too can add a wow factor. Don’t go too overboard, however. We want just enough to accent the room and not overpower it.

By utilizing these few steps, you’ll have your living room looking designer in no time!

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