Saying hello to your youngling is the best thing ever. The journey of motherhood is definitely something everyone yearns for. Being a mother can be really tough as well. A baby shower is here to show how important being a mother is and to pump up her excitement. Whether it is your sister, friend, co-worker or anyone, a baby shower is the best way to give a soon to be mother the affection and care she requires. So here are something’s that you should keep in mind when planning one.


A small text, an email or even a phone call might be sufficient. But doesn’t an invitation card seems more elegant? You can create a design off the internet using a website like canvas and print it off from a printing shop. But if you are having any troubles with the budget, you can do it yourself. There are plenty of DIY invitation card tutorials that are so adorable. Besides it will show how much you care about that person. You can boast around showing off your creativity. Make sure you include a nice caption as well.



Having a theme would make it look more organized and charming. Go with a simple and warm theme. You can use pastel colors to make it look simple but adorable. This is the stage when the special guest fined almost everything to be cute. So go extra on that and select a relevant theme.



Decorations for a baby shower is not that hard to find nor is it expensive. Start off by having flowers, it will be a nice touch. You can use other resources from the environment to decorate around. Use ribbons as well. If you are having trouble with your budget you can get some DIY tutorials to help you out. Balloon decoration Singapore or from a nearby location is a must. It will add a beautiful look to the party.


Have some high tea snack along with some good cup of teas. But make sure you are very cautious of what you select to add to the menu. Go with both savory and sweet food items. You don’t know which one is a sweet tooth and which one is not. Also, don’t forget to include healthy food items along with non-alcoholic beverages. The soon to be mother needs to stay healthy.

A baby shower is exciting to all, especially to the special guest. So make sure you throw a great one.

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