We believe that every individual has a responsibility to others. That is because there are individuals who are worse off than you. In that case, it is your duty to assist them. This does not mean spending an exorbitant amount of money on them. We understand that readers cannot afford to buy another a car or a house. But that is not the only way one can assist these individuals. If you do some research you would find not only countless causes. But causes asking people to assist them in a specific manner.

Offer Help Among Your Family

When we talk about giving back you would imagine yourself being the next teo yen koondesmond. But there are simple steps that you can take before you become a humanitarian. For instance, before you think of helping others you should help your family members. For instance, adult children failed to realize that their elderly parents need help. They tend to consider them to be formidable figures. Therefore due to this reason, they don’t accept the fact that these individuals are getting old and frail. Furthermore, you should not wait for them to ask for help. Instead, it is your duty to visit them frequently.


Many individuals believe that they cannot make a change in the world because they lack the financial capacities. But that is a misconception. That is because every individual possesses the power to change the world. One way to do this would be to volunteer. We understand that it is possible to volunteer for months in third world countries. But not everyone is able to commit that much time. In that case, you should not despair. Instead, you can strive to local at your local animal shelter or even at the soup kitchen. If you do your research you can find countless establishments asking for volunteers.


Literacy is the golden ticket that helps many individuals to escape poverty. Therefore one way to help the society would be to tutor individuals. This does not only mean young children. But it can also include adults. That is because there is no age limit when it comes to literacy.  Furthermore, one also should not limit themselves to teaching academic subjects. That is because you can also teach individuals how to use a computer. Furthermore, you can visit a senior centre and conduct various life skills classes. This can be anything from cooking to an introduction to technology.

Thus, with the help of this article, you would know how to give back to the community.

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