Frizzy hair is frizzy mainly because of your genetics and the climate. The hot and humid Aussie climate can make frizzy hair even worse. It can really be a nuisance, especially when you want your hair neat and tidy for work and other events. Here are several things to try that might help reduce that frizz:

Use Water

Frizz during humid days is caused by lack of moisture. Therefore, water is the best thing you can put in your hair to reduce frizz. Stylists recommend brushing your hair with wet fingers or a wet comb. Get your fingers through the frizzy tops part to keep it down. The frizz may come back when the water dries. You can use some leave-in conditioner for a more permanent fix. For the best results, go to a hairdresser Toorak and get some professional product in your hair.

Avoid Brushing Your Hair Dry

If your hair is awfully frizzy, avoid brushing it dry. Doing so could make the frizz worse, cause breakages, and otherwise damage your hair. As recommended above, use wet fingers instead. If you can get your comb to stay wet, then that would be fine for brushing. Ideally, you should get your hair wet and then brush it.

Use Oils or Conditioner

To reduce the frizz semi permanently, put oil or conditioner in your hair. A protein filled conditioner is the best to give some strength to your hair strands and also to give it shine. Natural oils like coconut oil is great for reducing frizz and adding shine. However, don’t use too much oil. Use a bit on the scalp itself, not the hair, and then gently brush to distribute the oil to the hair strands.

Don’t Use Alcohol Containing Products

Thinking of using an aerosol hairspray to tame that frizz? Don’t if the product contains alcohol. The substance is infamously drying.  As you need to add moisture to frizzy hair, avoid anything drying like alcohol. You may want to stay away from products like dry shampoo and just wash your hair with water. Avoid anything drying like the plague.

Don’t Use a Flat Iron

A flat iron or a curling iron is definitely not the way to add shine and timidity to your frizzy hair. The iron will make your hair even dryer and possibly increase breakage. Therefore, avoid any type of heat source near your hair. Use conditioner or a hair oil and then try to style it. Just don’t bring your hair anywhere near a flat iron.

Pick the Right Shampoo

The wrong shampoo could make your frizz worse not fix it. Shampoos packed with sulphates are generally terrible for frizzy hair. Sulphates strip away the natural oils on your scalp, making hair even drier. What you need is a sulphate-free shampoo. If possible, get a glycerine filled shampoo. Glycerine is kind of the opposite of sulphates. The chemical attracts moisture in the air, keeping your hair naturally moisturized. It essentially acts as a protective coating on your hair against dryness and frizz.

Try the above methods from now on to keep your hair frizz free. Keep in mind that it might not be possible to completely eliminate frizz if your hair is naturally prone to it. But you can still significantly reduce the frizz with above methods.

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