Are you ready to quit smoking for good and take charge of your health? Vaping is currently the best way to ditch the tobacco smokes for good. Vaping requires various gear that most Australians are confused about. Is buying a vaping device for cheap on eBay the same as buying from an Australian store? No. Some vape items, especially those sold for cheap, could be dangerous for various reasons. Cheap vaping gadgets are known to explode, for example. Vape liquids purchased from unknown online sellers could contain impurities. Therefore, when you set out to buy vape gear, you should know what you are getting. Here is a list of great tips to help you choose the best vaping items online.

Buy Aussie or American-Made Vape Items

When buying vape juice or equipment, go for products made by Australian, American, or British companies. There are loads of Chinese-made items, of course, which can be bought for much cheaper online. However, Chinese vape products are not known for quality. You may end up with faulty products or devices that only work for a short period of time. There are design differences as well. For the best experience, you will need vetted Australian products.

Use Vape Gadgets with Plastic Tanks for Acidic Liquids

Love to vape flavours like cinnamon and lavender? Vape juices that contain essential oils are quite acidic. These juices don’t fare well with plastic tanks. Therefore, if you plan on vaping these acidic types of flavours, the buy ecig with a glass tank. Not only does this bring out the flavour of the liquid, it’s also much safer as well.

Buy a Vaping Device with a Great Battery

The battery in vaping devices can largely determine how good the vaping experience is going to be. A powerful battery is essential for longer vape sessions as well as for obtaining rich, full puffs. The puff size increases with the capacity of the battery. Small capacity batteries suffer from low voltage and cannot produce the same type of puffs. The attachments you use, mainly the cartomizer and the atomizer, also takes a toll on the battery. If you use high-quality attachments, then you need a high capacity battery to get the full performance.

Use Medium Nicotine Concentration for Throat Hits

Regular vapers will know that heavenly feeling when you can feel the vapour at the back of your throat. This is called a “throat hit.” Not all e-liquids generate throat hits. If you seek throat hits, you will do best with liquids that contain nicotine in concentrations between and 16 milligrams. Vape juices with additives like essential oils or cinnamon are also great for throat hits.

Use Liquids with Vegetable Glycerine for Massive Clouds

Thinking about entering a vaping contest? If you like to puff huge vape clouds, then you need to make heavy investments in the e-liquids you buy. For the best clouds, you will need e-liquids that have a higher concentration of vegetable glycerin than propylene glycol, which is what carries the flavour. Vape juice with more propylene glycol is better for throat hits.

Generally speaking, don’t buy a vaping item just because it’s cheap. Buy high-quality devices that will last longer. Top-notch e-juice taste better and won’t ruin your vape devices wither. Therefore, follow the above tips to end up with the best vaping products.

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