Ways to Pamper & Treat Yourself

Got a day free from all the responsibilities? Here are some ideas for you to try out!

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Marathon Your Favourite Movie Series

Set aside a Friday night, invite some of your girlfriends over and heat up some popcorn in the microwave, get ice cream, a few bottles of wine and order a few pizzas. Visit your nearby DVD store and rent or buy a favourite movie or TV series. Get the input of the girls’ right when you are planning the movie night out.

You can try out New Girl, Entourage, Gossip Girl, and well anything else girly.  There is no more watching single episodes with just yourself on the couch in the night, you have the entire series at hand, your girls and even wine! What more could you ask for?

Every Lady’s Mecca, A Time Out in a Spa

There is no saying pampering without hearing SPA DAY. There is nothing like booking yourself pampering time in a day spa Sunshine Coast and indulging yourself in a certifiably relaxing time. Imagine yourself amid a serene setting with soft and melodious music coming out the speakers. You are enjoying every moment in the bath tub under the soft glow of the lit candles around you and fragrance of the scented candles. Give it some time until the expert concoction in the tub does it magic.

You are guaranteedthe ultimate pampering of your life, with lavish facials and the wonderfully relaxingManis and pedis!

Take an Afternoon Nap

Although pretty basic, taking a wonderful nap in the afternoon can make you feel amazingly energized and rejuvenated. Companies are yet to adapt this concept to their structure.

Next time when you have some free time on your hands or are taking a “sick day” take a nap for about 20 minutes. If you oversleep, you might get a bit bleary and you do not want that happening on the only free day you have for yourself!

Resort to the Good Old Shopping Therapy

Shopping to pamper yourself is a classic for a reason, and every lady out there knows how satisfying it is to swipe that card a few times and come home with a handful of bags after trying some clothes and shoes out in the changing room. If you are not the lone shopper type, you can gather a few girlfriends as well. This should be your time to go wild and try out almost everything fashion fantasy you ever had!

Munch Down Some Grub!

We all have that restaurant we always wanted to try out but backed away from because of the glamour and valet parking that come with a huge price tag. Book yourself a table on your day to unwind. If you have a bunch of girlfriends who are in the same situation as you, bring them along as well and try out your deepest darkest flavour fantasies totally ignoring its price tag.

Book a Day for the PJ’s

Make that one day the day you spend in your PJ’s. Keep away the blaring alarm that goes off every morning, no kids, and no husband. Make some nachos or something that sounds nasty and delicious and spend your day completely free of responsibility.

How to Select Flowers for Your Wedding?

When planning a wedding a significant part of time will be spent on selecting the right flowers for the occasion that will not only go along with the theme but will complement the whole atmosphere. Flowers have literally grown into a competitive industry and its place is both integral and adds value to the traditional aspects of your big day. Flowers can also be an expression of one’s individuality and style and so selecting the right bunch is an important part of the planning process. While you may have your favourite flowers in mind, there are still a few considerations such as colour, budget and style to think about before you make your final decision. Read on for tips on selecting just the right bloom for your special day.

Set Out a Budget for Flowers When Planning

While budgeting is an important part of planning, it is equally important to set a rough budget for the flowers you will use at the wedding. A budget will help you stay on track, and save for other aspects of your big day. Your budget will also determine the type of flowers you could use for your table centrepiece bouquets and other arrangements. Drawing up a budget does not mean that you have to limit yourself to choice, a skilled wedding florist will be able to put together beautiful arrangements with flowers that are in season, style and those that are cost-effective. Ideally you should look to spend about eight percent of your budget on flowers.

Get Some Advice from a Florist

When selecting flowers for your wedding you need to be able to tick all of your boxes in terms of cost, colour and style.  At the same time you have to keep in mind the season that you hope to say you’re
“I do’s” as some blooms may not be available and might require being sourced from out of state which would increase your budget.  Finding a florists who understands your needs could cut your worries in half and help in the making of some tough decisions. To select the right florists get online and check out their previous work.

Gather inspiration online

Begin your flower planning by first browsing through magazines and real weddings or through Pinterest. By doing your research you can eliminate what you don’t want and what exactly you do want. Plus by saving images and cut-outs from magazines you could share them with your florist in order to get your ideas across more clearly.  At the same time, don’t be afraid to look for inspiration in unconventional places, if a certain look is what you’re after – it could be from a scene in a movie or it could be flowers you liked on vacation which could add a touch of sentimentalism to the day.

rustic wedding bouquet

Get To Know Your Basic Blooms

While you do your research, paying attention to the types of flowers you see in images will help especially prior to meeting your florist. You need not be an expert at identifying blooms but familiarizing yourself with the types of blooms in your state will help to understand what kind of options will be available to you.

The above are just a few tips to get you started as you navigate your way through the various blooms of the bridal season. Flowers are iconic and will enliven any atmosphere to create the mood you wish to have at your wedding,  so paying a bit of attention to the different weaves in store will certainly help make the day a memorable one.